killer sudoku combinations and permutations are not statistical literature. why are you on my desk then? but I am distracted, right here now and every day it seems like. i/o has its own little acronym, and the first one needs to be sorted and I get <15 minutes on a deadly sometimes, but capitalism probably would call that timewasting. my excuse is that it’s calming, it’s something me and my dad do, so it’s a family activity. anyway I am going to recycle these notes despite these strings of numbers being accompanied by trial design ponderings, sample size calculations – are these also just strings of numbers with no context, with strong assumptions, but with no real fixtures in reality? this can happen in THEORY. based on this we COULD see that. okay that’s fine but my desk is cluttered and I need space for my third tea or coffee cup cos I forget to take those down too. I wish my desk was covered in wood shavings instead.

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