I won my first cycling cap in a sponsor tweet raffle at Women’s Adventure Expo 2018, where I was volunteering for the first time. I had previously volunteered my data analysis skills to various women’s health in adventure sport-related projects for WAE, which is how I came to be at the expo. I was wholly delighted with my prize and wore it proudly for the rest of the day.

I see cycling caps having many facets of use: they can keep the sun off your face whilst riding, they can keep you cool, in all meanings, but most importantly I think, they can be an outward symbol of inner belonging. Cycling clubs, co-ops, and iconic rides all create their own caps, as both a purely functional piece of clothing and a simple offering of memorabilia.

Eventually that cap wore out, and whilst thinking more about other symbols of inner belonging, I scoured the internet for a simple rainbow peak. I was disappointed, there were none. After discussion with friends, I thought the only way would be to have them made myself. I thought about a simple design, where I could subtly sport the rainbow and a simple message. ‘Keep Pedalling’ can have many meanings, in the LGBTQ+ and cycling arenas alike: the perseverance required on this journey we embark upon and eventually come to embrace. I wear this cap with far more pride than ever.

Many people have told me how they like the cap, so I would like to give all those who want to, the opportunity to wear one too. So, to fund further production of these caps, I set up a Kickstarter and the resultant demand far exceeded my expectations.

Here is the long-awaited store to purchase said caps.

All the best and keep pedalling.


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  1. Hello,

    I just ordered a medium, but I now realise they’re out of stock, could I swap for a large? I think I washing optimistic selecting medium anyway (big head…).
    Thanks for your help!

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